iFacialMocap (SmartPhone App)

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iFacialMocap to Software (software on PC)

"iFacialMocap to Software" is a software to receive data tracked by iOS apps and communicate with software such as Maya, Blender, Unity, 3dsMAX, etc. It is free of charge.

Latest Version  (Download free, Redistribution without permission is prohibited.)

 if you uses Mac, after downloading the file, uses the Ctrl key, opens the file. 


If latest version does not work, try DL older versions.

iFacialMocap Powereded by NVIDIA Broadcast (software on PC)

iFacialMocap Powered by NVIDIA Broadcast" is a desktop application for Windows that allows you to perform highly accurate face tracking using only a regular webcam, without the need for an iPhone. To use webcam tracking, you must have an NVIDIA RTX series GPU. This application has some additional features compared to the free version of the desktop app, even if you do not have an RTX series GPU.(It can communicate with Android MeowFace, send/receive VMC Protocol, etc.). This is a paid application.

Types of Applications

iFacialMocap has two iOS apps and two desktop apps.


- About iOS app
The iOS app is called "iFacialMocapTrial," which displays ads but offers all features for free.

There is also an "iFacialMocap" app that is paid but does not display ads.

If you want to use an iOS app to run your VRM related software, you do not need to use the desktop app as it can communicate directly with the iOS app.


Besides VRM-related, most of the collaboration apps created by 3rd party developers can communicate directly with iOS apps.



- About Desktop app

iFacialMocap also has an app for receiving data sent from the iOS app on a PC and transferring it to the 3DCG software.

This is not an app developed by a 3rd party developer; it is official iFacialMocap software.

This is free software that can be used to communicate with 3DCG software such as Blender, Maya, Unity, 3dsMax, Unreal Engine.

However, if you do not have an iPhone/iPad and want to use iFacialMocap on a PC only, you still have options. If you have a PC with an NVIDIA RTX series GPU, there is software called "iFacialMocap Powered by NVIDIA Broadcast". This is a paid software with a 2-week free trial period. This software allows you to communicate with all software such as Blender, Maya, Unity, Unreal and VRM.