Usage in Unreal Engine

(Support for Windows 64bit only)

Download iOS app and PC app

Download apps from following url

YouTube Tutorial (iFacialMocap Powered by NVidia Broadcast)

Unreal Engine Live Tutorial


1. download and launch the PC version of the software.

 Click on "Open Advanced Setting" and click on the Plug-in button. 

 This will take you to the plug-in download page and a sample avatar.  


2. Install the plug-in into UnrealEngine. 


3. Import the FBX file you wish to move.

 If you are using a custom avatar, create 52 morphs using the sample avatar as a reference.


4. Right click in the content browser and select "Animation" -> "Animation BP".

 Select the skeleton of the loaded FBX file.


5. double-click the created Animation BP.


6. right-click inside the Animation BP and search for "iFacialMocap".


7. connect the iFacialMocap plug-in to the output pose.


8. click on the "Connect to UnreanEngine" button.

 Then you can move your avatar on UnrealEngine in real time.


If you are using a custom avatar

Click "Open Advanced Setting" and enter the bone name of your custom avatar in the "HeadBone" field.


Note) If you do not allow firewall settings, it may not work.