Usage in Blender

Download iOS app and PC app

Download apps from following url

YouTube Tutorial

How to use

1. Press the "Open Advanced Setting" button on the PC version of iFacialMocap. 


2. Switch Software Name to "Blender".  Then switch the Blender version.

 3. Press the Addon button.

4. Open the sample scene (iFacialMocapTestObj.blend).


5. Install


6. Press the "N" key on your keyboard to open the "iFacialMocap Panel" at the top right of the Blender viewport.


7. Press the "waiting for connection" button.

8. Start the smartphone app and prepare.


9. Press the "Connect to Blender" button.

10. The connection is now complete.


11. When you long press the screen of the SmartPhone App, the 3DCG character's face will face forward.



12. If you create up to 52 shapeKeys according to the sample scene naming rules, you can move the original character.

If you want to move the shape keys of multiple objects

By specifying the name of the group that contains the object, you can search for and move the shape keys of all objects, such as children and grandchildren, within the group hierarchy.


(As the number of ShapeKey nodes increases, the operation becomes heavier, so if you want to make the operation faster, it is better to combine the meshes as much as possible and use it)

How to use "Bake Recorded Animation "

If you bake while animating a character in Blender in real time, the processing load of Blender will increase and the motion may shift.

Press the “REC” button in the iOS app to record, then use the “Bake Recorded Animation” button in the PC app to receive and bake the motion in non-real time for better baking.You can bake slowly but accurately.


To bake a recorded animation, follow these steps:


1. Record the animation on your iPhone.

    Then stop recording.


2. Press the "waiting for connection" button in Blender.


3. Press the "Bake Recorded Animation" button on the PC side

     Do not press the "Connect to Blender" button.


YouTube Tutorial (Bake Recorded Animation)

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