Usage in Unity

Download iOS app and PC app

Download apps from following url

YouTube Tutorial (Japanese Language Only)

1. Press the "Open Advanced Setting" button on the PC version of iFacialMocap.


2. Switch Software Name to "Unity".


3. Press the "Script" button.


4. Attach UnityRecieve_iFacialMocap.cs to the object that has BlendShape.

    (Or you can attach UnityRecieve_iFacialMocap.cs to a group containing multiple objects.

  UnityRecieve_iFacialMocap.cs moves BlendShape for all objects in the hierarchy of attached objects.

                UnityRecieve_iFacialMocap.cs can only be attached to one object or group.)


5. Then please attach the following three scripts: 

    Attach "RightEyeBall_iFacialMocap.cs" to the right eye bone or object.

    Attach "LeftEyeBall_iFacialMocap.cs" to the left eye bone or object. 

    Attach "Head_iFacialMocap.cs" to the head bone or object.


6. Start Smartphone App.


7. Press "Connect to Unity" before or after pressing the start button.


8. Press the play button on Unity


9. Finally, you need to set active the Unity screen by tapping it with the mouse.


10.  When you long press the screen of the SmartPhone App, the 3DCG character's face will face forward.


11. If you create up to 52 blend shapes according to the sample scene naming rules, you can move the original character.



Currently, UnityRecieve_iFacialMocap.cs can only be assigned to one object or one group. Therefore, if you want to move the BlendShape of an object outside the group, download the following file (BlendShape_iFacialMocap.cs) and drag and drop it to the Inspector of the object you want to move.