Usage in Unity

Download iOS app and PC app

Download apps from following url

YouTube Tutorial (Japanese Language Only)

Unity Live Tutorial


1. Press the "Open Advanced Setting" button on the PC version of iFacialMocap.


2. Switch Software Name to "Unity".


3. Press the "Script" button.


4. Attach UnityRecieve_iFacialMocap.cs to the GameObject.


5. Enter the face group name, eyes, and headBone name.


6. Start Smartphone App.


7. Press "Connect to Unity" before or after pressing the start button.


8. Press the play button on Unity


9. Finally, you need to set active the Unity screen by tapping it with the mouse.


10. If you create up to 52 blend shapes according to the sample scene naming rules, you can move the original character.



How to use recorded data in iFacialMocap with Unity


1. Recording with a smart phone.


2. Transfer the data to your PC in .txt file format.


3. Download the script for importing animations from the following WEB site.


4, Import the script into Unity. 5, Use the script to import the .txt file output from the iOS app.

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