Q. iOS app does not respond when pressing "Connect to Maya" etc.

If you press a button such as "Connect to Maya" and the blue bar in the iPhone app doesn't go away and the app doesn't respond, here's what you can do


1)Please try Connect and Disconnect a few times, restarting the app, restarting your smartphone, or restarting your PC.


2)If the above doesn't work, please try the following


On Windows, start a command prompt.


On Mac, launch the terminal.

Send a ping command to the IP address displayed in the iOS app, such as "ping" at a command prompt or terminal.
If you are not able to connect via ping, your router may not allow communication between the devices.
Please contact the manufacturer of the router to the effect that "the ping command does not work" and confirm how to change the router settings.

Since there is a blocking issue with the router when connecting to Wi-Fi, we plan to support Bluetooth connectivity in future updates to allow connectivity via Bluetooth. Until then, it will be affected by the router settings.

Q. iOS app responds but connection does not work

The connection may be blocked by the OS firewall.

Try the following:


・ Method 1

Please visit the following URL and check "Private" of "iFacialMocap" and "Maya / Unity / Blender" from "Allow application by Windows Firewall".



・ Method 2

If connection is not successful even after performing Method 1, please see the following URL and enter "TCP" "50001 port" and "UDP" "50002 port and 50003 port". Please open it.



Q. The sample data works in Unity, but when I import a model made by Maya, I can't move it.

When you import data created in Maya into Unity, the name of the BlendShape node is prefixed to the name of the BlendShape node.

The name of the BlendShape that I created in Maya as "eyeBlinkLeft" is now In Unity, it's named something like "blendShape5.eyeBlinkLeft". It will be replaced.


In iFacialMocap, the BlendShape name must match exactly, otherwise it won't work.

So, in the BlendShapeTargetSettings, the "prefix" field is set to If you write a name like "blendShape5." and get it working.

Q. Other cases of strange behavior

The PC side of the iFacialMocap software has a mode called debugMode.

If you turn on debug mode and then press buttons or other actions, error messages may appear in the debug mode window.

If you send us this message when you contact us, we may be able to help you with the problem.

Q.Return and Refund Policy

If the problem cannot be solved by the above methods

Or, if the problem could not be resolved by email or other inquiries

Or if you are using an iPhone without Face ID and purchased by mistake



Please refer to the following URL to complete the return and refund process.


Q. Are there any commercial terms of use?

There are no special requirements. If you purchase it, you are free to use it for any purpose, whether personal or corporate.

Q. Do you have any plans to support UE4?

In the future, we hope to support UE4, Houdini, and 3dsMax as well.
I don't know when it will be implemented.