Update Info

2021/06/04 ・ PC side (Version 1.13) released
You can now export and import settings. You can now send data to multiple ports.
Until now, it was a specification that the settings are not saved even if you press the "Save Settings" button while connected to CG software.
It is now a specification to save the settings. In order to reduce the processing load, it is designed to disconnect for a moment, save it, and then reconnect it.
To prevent accidental use of the "Bake Recorded Animation" function during Connect, "Bake Recorded Animation" will be executed after the connection is automatically disconnected during Connect.
The sample avatar for Maya has changed slightly, including the addition of eyebrows.

2021/05/31 ・ IOS version (Version 1.2.0) released You can now adjust the amount of head rotation and movement on the iOS side. It can be used with the linked app. In addition, we have added links and names to the linked apps in the app. The iOS app is set to not accept external commands for a certain period of time once it accepts commands. Originally, the time to accept external commands was 0.5 seconds, but it has been changed to 0.02 seconds.

2021/04/10 ・ IOS version (Version 1.1.8) released
Due to a request, a warning message will be displayed when the reset button of the BlendShape weight is pressed. Added external commands for developers. https://www.ifacialmocap.com/for-developer/japanese/



・ IOS version (Version 1.1.5) released


You can now change the language in the app.

The lookForward button is now accepted as an external command.




・ PC version (Version 1.12) released


Fixed a bug in the Blender add-on.


・ IOS version (Version 1.13) released

We can now use a value greater than or equal to 1.0 for the maximum blendshape value.


・ PC version (Version 1.11) released

We can now use a value of 1.0 or higher (100 or higher for Unity) for the maximum value (max) of blendshape.

Updated the contents of the Blender add-on a little.

Fixed a bug inside the Unity script.



   ・PC version (Version 1.10)


Fixed a problem that the delay became large in Version 1.09



   ・PC version (Version 1.09) & iOS version (Version1.1.2) released


Fixed a minor bug around the connection of Bake Recorded Animation. Added a mode for automatic IP address detection. Improved operating performance on Macs and laptops.




   ・PC version (Version 1.08) released


Version 2.9x add-ons for Blender are available. Also, the add-on has been updated a bit, and until now it was not possible to put it into the non-standby state without pressing the Esc key, but it can now be changed to the non-standby state from the button operation.



    ・IOS version (Version 1.08) released


You may be able to avoid the problem by connecting to the smartphone via TCP instead of UDP.

In addition, a function to adjust the BlendSHape weight and a function to remove noise have been added.


   ・PC version (Version 1.07) released


An item called "iOS Connection Type" has been added to address connection problems in some environments.



・PC version (Version 1.06) released



Fixed an issue where the settings in StandAlone_Unity mode could not be saved.

Fixed an issue where the light was backlit in StandAlone_Unity mode. Also, when right-clicking on the screen, a menu is displayed so that you can adjust the angle and intensity of the light.

We have made minor adjustments to the behavior on the Mac.



 Mobile version (Version 1.0.7) is now available.



When recording animation in REC mode, audio is now recorded. Audio files are saved in a file folder and can be sent to a PC by email or other means.



 Mobile version (Version 1.0.6) is now available.



Head movement values are now sent.

We changed the way the head rotates slightly.



  The PC version (Version 1.05β) is now available.



 ・Added a mode called StandAlone_Unity and added support for reading VRM models. You can now use a single script for Unity.


・ The script used in Unity was previously divided into multiple scripts, but now it's a single script. You can handle it in the same way as in Maya and Blender mode by specifying a name, and you can use it in the same way as in Maya and Blender mode. It is also compatible with the previous individual attaching scripts. It is now compatible with the previous individually attached scripts.


 ・You can now enter a hot key. You can specify a blendshape that you don't want to move while pressing a key. You can specify how many seconds after a key is pressed to max out the weight, or how many seconds after the key is released. 


・It's only for Windows, but it has an automatic update notification function. When it starts after a new version has been released, an update notification is displayed, and when you accept it, it will be automatic. The new version of the DL will begin.



・  You can now save the settings one by one for each software. You will be able to see that. Also, the buttons such as the Save Setting have been fixed at the bottom.


・The default settings of the Spine and Neck axis in Unity did not match with Humanoid's. So, I fixed it to match with Humanoid.


 ・The performance of Maya has decreased after version 1.03 to 1.04. The problem was fixed.


・ Fixed a problem where the Save Setting did not work properly on Mac.

  ・ SmartPhone version (Version 1.0.3) & PC version (Version 1.04) released
 Before ver1.03, if the baking process was animated inside Maya or Blender, the processing became heavy and it was difficult to bake correctly. To solve the problem, we have added a function to record animation in the smartphone app and receive the animation slowly.
 In Blender, after loading the latest version of the add-on, pressing "waiting for connection" and then pressing the "Bake Recorded Animation" button, the animation recorded in the smartphone is baked on Blender. In Maya, if you press the "Bake Recorded Animation" button after pressing the "wait connection" button, baking is performed in the same way.
 Also, it is now possible to export animated face objects in FBX Ascii format. For software such as Blender that does not support FBX Ascii, export to FBX2012, use the FBX Converter provided by Autodesk for free, convert it to FBX binary format, and then read it.
 The processing in Blender is a heavy problem, but it happened before ver1.03 because animation was poured at 60 FPS. From ver1.04, the initial value in Blender version was set to 20FPS and the operation was a little lighter.






・ SmartPhone version (Version 1.0.2) released


In version 1.02, it can be used with mosaic applied.

The function to turn the character to the front can now be used with the button.

Added a function to zero the weights around the eyes and around the mouth at once.


・ PC version (Version 1.0.3) released


Added the function to link the movement of the neck (Neck) and the spine (Spine) with the movement of the head.

In Maya and Blender, enter the bone name in the GUI and it will work.

You can enter multiple object names separated by commas.

Unity works by assigning scripts to the neck and spine.

The interlocking ratio can be changed by the slider for each axis.


Added eyebrow mesh to Blender and Unity sample scenes.

Reduce the number of polygons in Blender sample scene.


A scroll bar has been added to the GUI.


BlendShape and ShapeKey names can be changed individually.

Example) "eyeBlinkLeft"-> "eyeBlink_L"


PC version (Version 1.02) released


The amount of movement of the eyeball can now be adjusted by individual weight values up, down, left, and right.

Until Version 1.01, the weight of each BlendShape and ShapeKey ranged from 0 to 1.

From Version1.02, the weight range has been extended from 0 to 100.

If the weight of the expression that is difficult to respond is set to 1.0 or more, the sensitivity of the reaction will increase.

-"3DCG Software IP Address" and "3DCG Software Port" are provided.

By changing this IP address, you can transfer data received from Windows to Mac etc...

-An item called debugMode has been added.

When debugMode is turned ON, an error message will be displayed on the screen.

To be released in January 2020


PC version (Version1.01) released


[Changes in Blender]


In Version1.00, there was a problem that only one ShapeKey node to be moved could be specified.

In Version1.01, if one group of objects is specified, all the ShapeKey nodes of the objects in that group will be searched and moved.


Commentary video about the update on YouTube(Japanese Language Only)


[Changes in Unity]


In Version 1.00, UnityRecieve_iFacialMocap.cs can be attached to only one object, and there was a problem that BlendShape of multiple objects could not be moved.


In Verison1.01, if you attach UnityRecieve_iFacialMocap.cs only once to a node that contains multiple objects, you will be able to move the BlendShape of objects that are children or grandchildren of that node.


Commentary video about the update on YouTube(Japanese Language Only)


[Changes in Maya]


There is no particular change for Maya.



The smartphone application version (Version 1.0.1) has been released.


The English version of the homepage URL was incorrectly displayed on the AppStore.



The smartphone application version (Version 1.0.0) & PC version (Version 1.00) has been released.