Usage in Maya

(* Please note that MayaLT is not supported)

Download iOS app and PC app

Download apps from following url

YouTube Tutorial (Japanese Language Only)

1. Press the "Open Advanced Setting" button on the PC version of iFacialMocap.


2. Press the "Script" button.


3. Open the sample scene (


4. Drag & drop iFacialMocap_to_Maya.mel into the scene.


5. Press the "wait connection" button.


6. Start the smartphone app and prepare.


7. Press the "Connect to Maya" button.


8. The connection is now complete.


9. When you long press the screen of the SmartPhone App, the 3DCG character's face will face forward.


10. If you create up to 52 blendShape according to the sample scene naming rules, you can move the original character.




If you bake while animating a character in Maya in real time, the processing load on Maya may increase and the motion may shift.
Press the “REC” button in the iOS app to record, then use the “Bake Recorded Animation” button in the PC app to receive and bake the motion in non-real time for better baking.
You can bake slowly but accurately.



To bake a recorded animation, follow these steps:


1. Record the animation on your iPhone

    Then stop recording.


2. Press the "wait connection" button in Maya.


3. Press the "Bake Recorded Animation" button on the PC side

     Do not press the "Connect to Maya" button.



YouTube Tutorial (Bake Recorded Animation)

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